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Top Period Care Gifts from Brands We Love

Show them you care with period care and check out these top gift ideas for period people. Whether it's a period care package for your girlfriend, a secret-Santa gift for a co-worker, or a period-affirming present from a parent, check out these gifts that will better support their period. And because they're from brands that are value-based, you'll be supporting independent, sustainable, and community-oriented companies you can feel good about.


Safe, natural, and effective period pain relief, somedays embodies their values: intersectional, sustainable, and radical. Choose period care kits catered to specific needs, or select a la carte creams and oils, flaxseed heating pads, mud baths, tea and candles. Simple, modern packaging makes somedays a sophisticated gift.


huha carries sustainable, mineral underwear. Each pair is luxuriously soft and lined with special minerals (like zinc oxide) and materials that breathe and suppress bacteria to keep people feeling fresh. For anyone who suffers from irritation or simply appreciates comfortable underwear that actually stays put will love huha.

Milky Sands

Founded on the values that being yourself is your greatest gift, Milky Sands products are a fun and beautiful way to highlight diversity and equality, from Boob Equality t-shirts and scarves to handcrafted mugs. This feel-good gift comes with a brand mission toward zero-waste, community, slow fashion, and self-love.


Reproductive health goes hand in hand with sexual wellness. Enter Maude. This modern sexual wellness brand carries stylish and sophisticated body-safe essentials for some self-love or with a partner. Self-care products include scented candles, bath salts, and massage oil, as well as stylish and minimalist-looking body massagers and vibrators — which can be useful since orgasms can reduce period cramps.


Lit features chic candles made from soy and natural scents with wood wicks. Scents of vanilla, kiwi blossom, nutmeg, and cedar are reflected in candle names like Rainforest, I Need a Vacay, and Golden Hour. Get her the BABE candle to send a message of love and empowerment, some proceeds of which will support the Victoria Youth and Empowerment Society.


Biodegradable and organic, joni brings something different to the period care table. Organic bamboo pads and liners are ultra soft and absorbent, while organic cotton tampons are Health Canada Approved and applicator-free for less waste. There are so many ways to give joni, including period care subscriptions you can adjust or cancel at any time, period care bundles or packages of tampons or pads make great stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. Or let them choose with a joni gift card! Five percent of every purchase goes toward period equity initiatives or level up with a Karma Donation Pack and give 30 pads directly to someone in need.

When 50% of the population gets periods, it's surprising that gifts that support menstruation are not more popular. While times are changing, periods are still a taboo topic overall!

Through our work as a period care company, we've discovered that the more open we are when talking about periods in our personal lives, the more others around us become open, too. Giving gifts that support someone's period is the ultimate way to show them that you really care and sends the message that there is nothing shameful about their body, and that, in fact, it should be supported and celebrated!

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