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Invest in joni through FrontFundr

We've always considered joni as much yours as it is ours. Now you can actually own a piece of it! Our one-for-one business model has always been about accessible period care — now, it's more accessible than ever to invest in joni, too.

Open to All Retail Investors

Traditionally, early investment rounds are only accessible to accredited investors who meet high net-wealth criteria. Teaming up with FrontFundr means that for as little as $500, all retail investors can buy into joni and be part of a larger mission for period equity.

We're honoured to be in partnership with The51, a fund that invests in women to generate essential social change, and backed by early investors.

Proven Market-fit

Over the last 12 months since launching joni publicly in March 2020, we have successfully proven there is a market for biodegradable, bamboo period pads, and a community ready to support our one-for-one giveback business model in our joined effort to fight period poverty.

Big Things in 2021! Help Us Get There

New investments through FrontFundr will support us as we look to scale our growth this year with a variety of sustainable and safe period care products in support of bodily agency. That's because we believe that all period people should be able to choose what is right for their individual body. The upcoming product line will include tampons, extended-size pads, period underwear, and a patent-pending, quick-release period cup.

Join Our Fight For Period Equity

This expansion of products will support our mission for accessible period care and move FemTech forward in Canada.

Would you like to learn more about how to invest in joni? Learn about the joni team, find out more about our company, and get your FAQs answered. Join us over at our joni FrontFundr campaign!

Details of the offering can be found in the offering document at This communication is for informational purposes only.

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